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Children's pageants began in 1960, with the "Little Miss Universe" contest in Miami, Florida. Though that pageant didn't last long, in 1961 New Jersey hosted the "Little Miss America Pageant," which is still running today. And of course, there are now hundreds of local and state pageants held to discover the loveliest and most talented children.

It goes without saying that your child is one of those lovely and talented children. Even the most beautiful of all little girls, however, feels even prettier in a special dress. At Formal Kids, we have a truly amazing selection of children pageant dresses to choose from that would be appropriate for any pageant, whether a local "Sunday Best" or a more formal state or national competition. We can also supply you with matching accessories, such as headpieces, shoes, socks, petticoats and gloves.

A Style to Suit Every Girl Choosing from such a wide assortment can be difficult. Your choice should be guided by several factors. First, check out the guidelines for the pageant that interests you. Some prefer "party dresses" to more formal wear, while others allow gowns, makeup, and sophisticated hair styles for all ages. As you progress from local to state to national pageants, the dresses become more opulent and ornate, with beading, sequins and rhinestones. Very heavy embellishment might not be appropriate for a local contest. Perhaps most important, however, is to choose a dress that your little girl adores. Her poise and confidence will be greatly affected if she is wearing a dress that she's comfortable in and that makes her feel special.

At Formal Kids, we pride ourselves on our service and our quick turnaround. Most sites that offer as large an inventory as Formal Kids don't actually order the dress until a customer has requested it, but we keep our dresses in stock. And you'll be pleasantly surprised by how reasonable our prices are.

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